Whenever I am around in Barcelona, I regularly spend my time Gucci shopping! Nope, I don’t go to one of those glittery main street Gucci stores. Instead, I get into a car and drive to Gucci outlet store located approx. 30 mins drive from the city of Barcelona (part of the huge La Roca Outlet Village- there is a tourist bus too!).

This is the best Gucci outlet store I have ever visited! Firstly; the shop itself is glamorous enough not to feel that you are in outlet. Then, Barcelona Gucci outlet is pretty much the first Gucci outlet I encounter with really, REALLY interesting prices but without (enormous) queues (those really put me off any Gucci sales in  Italy, being in sales season at Rome’s glamorous Via Condotti  or in outlet in Tuscany!). In fact, there are zero queues, the store seems quite empty and sales assistants’ number almost equals that of shoppers! Don’t get intimidated but step in and patiently search for bargains!

First and foremost, the store has quite big female bags collection which I guess is the main point of attraction for any international travellers in particular! Nice leather bags from last year’s collection are priced in the range of 400 EUR to about 500 EUR which is a great, if not to say- fantastic- deal, meaning the prices are reduced to about 50% at least. And then there are special deals- usually not advertised separately but revealed by a sales assistant, if you ask! Such as, the standard Gucci logo (non- leather) bag had a price tag of as little as 220EUR (reduced from more than 800EUR)! For those special deals you have to be quite lucky though as surprise surprise, demand is huge!

There is a section with some shoes and sunglasses, each discounted to about 50 percent of retail price, but those aren’t exactly my taste, so I don’t spend much time there.

My favourite part of the store is a clothing section. They have fantastic stuff from last years’ collection- right as seen on the catwalk or on Gucci faithful celebrity, e.g. Charlotte Casiraghi (while a year ago). Luck is very important here in particular. Sales assistants frequently bring new stuff so you have to be lucky to be at the right place at the right time when they do so! Mind the prices: the standard price is still quite high though reduced by at least 50% from original (say, for a lovely dress you may expect to be asked 500 to 400 EUR as a standard). However, that price is often reduced by half (round 200 for a gorgeous Gucci dress is not bad at all, isn’t it?) and, if you are really lucky, again by half (100 is a steal for such pieces!)- and that is all year long- not necessarily in sales season! Check out my find this weekend!


I witnessed one more phenomenon while shopping here: it happens that one day the price is lower and the next day higher again! Well that is not so cool for a reputable shop (e.g. the blue pants displayed with this post contained different price tag depending on the size- eventually mine was 50% off the price you see in this pic, i.e. 67,50EUR, but I had to insist a little). I see it as a bit of a gamble so keep your eyes wide open! Obviously, the lower the prices- the smaller the chances are to get the right size for you, but don’t be afraid to ask sales assistants- if you are lucky they may even propose similarly priced (and not yet displayed) alternatives if they don’t find your size! I was lucky with pants upon my last visit there: these were reduced by ridiculously amazing 80% on average! I picked all those of my size and paid a little more than 160 EUR for 3 pairs!  Now that’s what I call a bargain- here are my finds!

blue pants1


red pants2

white pants


red pants1

Overall, very recommended year-long shopping destination for all Gucci fans- certainly worth a trip if you are in Barcelona area and even to be considered if you aren’t: several such bargains and your plane ticket price is covered!

Address: La Roca Village, 08430, Santa Agnès de Malanyanes, (La Roca del Vallès), Spain.



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