Missoni, Chloé and, of course, Valentino, under one roof in Brussels

The most interesting permanent designer goods discount shopping place for women in Brussels is no doubt the good old DOD Dames store at Rue du Bailli 64, 1050 Brussels, Belgium.

Don’t get confused, there are many DODs scattered across Brussels. You need to find this particular one:


Whereas it is located in a very pleasant neighbourhood, the store itself is really unimpressive (and looking sooo old-fashioned) from outside, not to mention windows’ decorations which are absolutely hideous. Don’t get fooled by that- in fact the store occupies practically all the building and is scattered across multiple floors offering quite an impressive luxury goods selection. The best ones are usually on the ground and the first floors (but may be subject to change of course).

The stuff is changing every season and the selection varies from variety of really nice items from world’s best brands to some very mediocre or barely known names, so as in every outlet, there is not much consistency, meaning you should check the store out every season.

M by Missoni seems to be quite regularly appearing brand, though I am not very impressed by the prices. On occasional mid- season sale you may get a short dress for around 115 (189 EUR otherwise in the same store) or shoes reduced to 89EUR. Said that, M by Missoni is not the highest brand within Missoni group to say the least, so these prices aren’t that fantastic deal either.

I’ve purchased some Gianfranco Ferré in the past and recently came across Chloé basics, such as this simple t-shirt:

Chloe tshirt


There are also Tommy Hilfiger, DKNY, Iceberg and similar brands. Nothing extraordinary, but worth checking it out from time to time, though for the US brands you better shop in the US outlets if you have a chance.

Said that, its already couple of years that for whatever reason this store has incredible Valentino collections. And oh boy, this is soooo good, I will write a separate post about it- brace yourselves as you are about to discover the world’s best place to buy Valentino!

Valentino dress

Almost forgot: don’t forget to register on Dod’s website for fidelity card and pick it up at the store of your choice- you will get 10% discount on items which are not on sale every time you flash this card.


During sales seasons, the prices are gradually discounted to about 30% on some items, so may be worthwhile to wait, if you can bear the risk of losing your piece of choice.