Natan Private Sale! Dress like a royal for much less!

There is a chance you have never heard of Natan, if you are not from Belgium or the Netherlands. On the other hand, if you have ever seen the Queens of either of those countries, including their inaugurations (in becoming queens), you then have definitely spotted their very regal style, most of which is created by the Belgian designer brand Natan. Natan’s elegant and sophisticated creations perfectly embody true luxury, quality and pure class. I never came across Natan stores other than in Belgium, Brussels Av. Louise store being absolutely stunning. Now, all of that royal glamour obviously usually comes with a very heavy price tag.

So here is a the best kept secret of Brussels: twice a year Natan hosts private sales events, each of which lasts for approx. 3 days, duration and location of which is communicated to the invitees (nowadays via email); around 1 month prior to the event. In principle, you should bring your invitation when going to the private sale, though the fact itself that you manage to find the location the right time, shows your insider knowledge, in practice meaning that no one actually asks for actual invitation.

The good news is that the next opportunity to pamper yourself like a royal and attend the sale is happening very soon, i.e.:

May 21, 22, 23, 2015 (3 days only!) from 10 am to 8pm at Rue Des Peres Blancs 12 (corner of Avenue des Volontaires), 1040 Etterbeek, in  Brussels, Belgium.

It can be confusing to look for the place- don’t expect to find a store, but rather a remodeled warehouse type of space.

Based on my prior experience, I expect around 50-70% (or more!) discount on original price on most items. Usually, there is a big selection of casual skirts, pants, t-shirts (with a price tag of around 70 EUR). Then there are some cocktail dresses (from 70 EUR to 150 and more), coats (round 200 EUR) and few accessories such as shoes (round 100 EUR) and bags (round 200 EUR). Here are some of the bargains I picked up in few of such shopping events already a couple of years back and they still look soooo classy (dresses 70 EUR each, blouse 50EUR).

Natan dress 1Natan dress 3Natan blouse 1Natan close2

I’ll be back again!:)

There is no proper changing room, so forget your modesty while changing behind the curtain!