Dali 2The Art of Hunting Luxury Savings

Love shopping, beautiful clothing, shoes, accessories, luxury stuff (who doesn’t?) but are ruthlessly limited by credit card limit (who isn’t)? If you answer “yes” to any of those questions, welcome, this is your new home, or, more appropriately, this is a true spender’s paradise!

The world is full of wonderful luxury savings and bargains opportunities- the key and, let’s face it, a pleasure, is to find them!

I am dedicated to researching, finding, trying those out (yes, by spending there!) and revealing those very best luxury spending savings opportunities! I may be strict in shaming fake bargains but generous to those offering truly good quality stuff for really good price! I aim to discover and talk about all the best such bargain opportunities: private sales, sample sales, outlets, discount shops, – you name it, – wherever in the world physically or virtually (internet) they may be and whenever/ wherever I have a chance to try those out!

If I am missing out on a truly good opportunity- give me a shout- I want to hear about it! Meanwhile, happy (and pleasant) luxury savings’ hunt!