Etro: Fabulous Finds

You probably noted from my latest posts that my travel to Fidenza outlet Village has been far from fabulous and impressions far from excited. There was a notable exception though: Etro Outlet Store in the village. I may have been extraordinary lucky, but during a non- sales period I came across quite a few items with huge discounts- left overs from the sales period I would guess.

The prices were slashed ruthlessly and I left with quite a number of wonderful items which are now some of my favourites to wear due to the cool prints and, even more importantly,  being some of the most comfortable, light (a feeling is you aren’t wearing anything- it’s that comfortable!) and cool.



Exquisite dress: from 12.180 EUR( that’s the price of the car!) to 1.827 EUR (still too much for me, but count the discount yourself),  extravagant jacket 76 EUR from 380 EUR, skirt from 450 EUR to 90 EUR, shorts 54,40 EUR from 210 EUR.

Dress 114 EUR from 760 EUR, or 164, 40 EUR from 1.095 EUR, or 138, 90 EUR from 925 EUR, or 118 EUR from 590 EUR.

Jacket 168 EUR from 840 EUR, another one 191, 20 EUR from 955 EUR, clutch 160, 80 EUR from 670 EUR (cover picture), extravagant blouse 73, 20 EUR from 365 EUR.


Handbag 222 EUR from 925 EUR, male shirts 42, 20 EUR from 220 EUR.


All in all, a great place during sales or right afterwards and highly recommended. Other items not on sales prices, still really expensive, so mind when you shop there!

Where: Etro store in Fidenza Village. Via San Michele Campagna , Località Chiusa Ferranda , 43036 Fidenza (Parma) Italy.

When: Sales period or right afterwards.