Estée Lauder and How to Save on Beauty Products

I always find creams ridiculously expensive. No, really, you use them twice a day, they are quickly finished and so you must splash again on a lotion, tonic, cream, the outrageously expensive eye cream (you don’t want more wrinkles around your eyes, do you?), now they invented this thing serum (if you already are spending that much in the beauty department, how can you not take that magic serum the sales assistant is swearing will change your life, or rather your face). If in a regular store, I always leave having spent a minimum of couple of hundred bucks, whenever I have to renew my creams and always feel a guilt having done so. On the other hand, my skin is far from perfect, so I feel I must invest in this a little bit more (you never know, maybe it will work this time), and so I end up in this vicious spending circle, certainly very much to the delight of the beauty product manufacturers.

Luckily, I wouldn’t be me (and someone writing a blog called Spenders Paradise); if over the years I would not have discovered an amazing system how to buy the creams of the world’s greatest brands, without blowing your budget. The secret is very, very simple. US famous outlet stores, especially TJMaxx very often have the beauty products of world’s famous Estée Lauder, Shiseido, Elizabeth Arden, for around half the US retail price (which is pretty much one third of the prices anywhere else in the world!)! You won’t find the full collection but you have a very decent chance to grab a lotion, cream, serum- for way less!

I don’t live in the US, but whenever I go there, I always go to TJMaxx and tend to always find either Esteé Lauder, Shiseido or at minimum Elizabeth Arden, or all of them. I then buy several sets of creams and they last me a year or so- until my next trip! I never buy creams in Europe or Asia (or so-called Duty Free Shops in airports) any longer as to my horror they cost way more than in regular US retail stores and at least 3 times more the TJMaxx price!

I must emphasize I usually don’t encounter such great deals in TJMaxx stores in the cities like New York, but rather their malls on the highways around the US. Check out my finds this winter from TJMaxx in Connecticut, about 1 hour drive from the New York City.


I know some of you will argue that creams must be fresh, perfect, and you can never take risks on the quality- and I cannot agree more. I did witness that the ones I bought in TJMaxx are in a good state, even if the box may sometimes be in not a perfect shape- all is good inside, and that’s what matters.

Where: TJMaxx stores across the US. My finds come from Candlewood Plaza Shopping Center, 14, Candlewood Lake Rd, Brookfield, CT 06804, USA.