TK Maxx- US Outlet London Style

You may have seen my earlier post about the US Trinity of Bargains, TJ Maxx being one of the three most notable names when it comes to no thrills bargain store.

I am indeed longing for a similar store also outside of the US and so got really excited when I spot a no other but TJ Maxx sister- for whatever reason renamed to TK Maxx (go figure) in the City of London, close to the Monument Tube station (there are few other locations in town).

London´s TK Maxx did not meet all of my (high) expectations. I hardly ever leave without great buys from TJ Maxx in the US. Unfortunately, I cannot say the same about the London store. Yes, there are some bargains, and similarly to the US stores, one has to browse through endless racks of clothing. I noticed few not bad deals on the cosmetics and some phone accessories. Is it enough to be impressed? Not for me, although some of my friends from London do swear they get some cool stuff there too.

All in all- why not visiting if you are around. Is it worth a separate trip? More no than yes.

Where: 35 Gracechurch St., London EC3V 0BT, UK. I like this one due to convenient location. There are few others scattered across the city too.