Designer Sale: Best Time- Best Place!

There is no time to waste if you happen to be in the New York City this period of the year: Sales season is in town and there is no better place during this time in the US that I know of to grab some cool designer bargains as the New York´s famous Century 21 mega store!


I wrote about it quite extensively demonstrating what it is like to shop there outside of the sales period: selection is good but prices do bite if you are up for some truly high end pieces.

Things drastically change during Sales periods, as designer stuff gets gradually discounted week by week, by the end of Sales period (that is for winter sales at around February), to reach incredible lows of 90% off original price and more!


Based on my experience, winter sales are better than summer sales both, in terms of selection available and prices. You do have to browse patiently and if you are truly motivated to find gems, do plan to spend there around half a day (!) searching, trying and then again, searching and trying.

Be careful- VERY careful- in reviewing your selected items as many will likely be defected: be it the reason for an enormous discount itself, be it due to the fellow shoppers being reckless about the stuff they are trying. Some defects may be easy to fix, some may be irreparable, so stay with the cool head and select diligently.

Expect to find Lanvin, Dolce& Gabbana, Armani, Valentino, Burberry, Vivienne Westwood, Marc Jacobs, Pucci, Emanuel Ungaro, Jil Sander, Moschino, to name a few.

Some even with the enormous 80% discount will be out of reach financially,  however don´t give up as you will likely find something that fits your taste and pocket depth very nicely.


Happy Shopping!

Where: My favourite C21 is at NYC downtown, 22 Cortlandt Street, New York, NY 10007, level hosting designer goods.