90 % off Gucci: Bargains Strike Again

You may be surprised to discover that most of my wardrobe is Gucci based. Why wouldn´t it be when one discovers a place to get their fantastic pieces with 80-90% discount!

It is of course, a Gucci outlet, and no other than the one in Barcelona suburbs at La Roca Outlet Village.  Unfortunately, the outlet is not consistent in terms of deals available in a specific day, so luck is a very, very important factor.

Here are some of my latest finds. No words necessary- pictures speak a thousand words.

This gown discounted to 220 EUR from 1950 EUR.


Numerous deals on pants: 67, 50 EUR instead of 595 EUR; or 101,50 EUR from 895 EUR, or 79 EUR from 695 EUR,  74 EUR from 650 EUR, 112 EUR from 990 EUR.

Dresses 101, 50 EUR from 895 EUR, 157, 50 EUR from 1.400 EUR; jersey 169 EUR instead of 1.500 EUR.

Jacket 169 EUR instead of 1.500 EUR.

These shiny pants 112, 50 EUR from 990 EUR.

This is what I call fantastic bargains!


Allow me to reiterate: selection and availability are far from consistent, so prepare to be disappointed, but count on your luck, make friends with sales assistants, ask for the bargains!

Where: Gucci Outlet at La Roca Outlet Village,  08430, Santa Agnès de Malanyanes, (La Roca del Vallès), Spain.