Marni: Bye Bye weirdo (outlet), Welcome to the new one

While in Milan, I could not miss one notable address in fashionista´s address book, Via F. Tajani 1, hosting outlet of iconic Marni (keep on reading though and do not try this address).
Even someone as passionate by designer bargains as me, I was hesitant to try getting there though. The place was really really off road the tourist track and glamorous Milan and I had to plan for half day trip to get there. I decided not to take taxi given astronomical taxi prices in Milan and  try public transportation, which meant I took a train and had to walk quite a bit. It was not easy at all to find the outlet- the neighbourhood is very residential and on the shabby side and there is no indication whatsoever that something glamorous may be hiding somewhere behind the closed gates. In fact, I almost lost my hope until I spot one person clearly standing out in that neighbourhood with an impecable eclectic style, carrying- bingo- a massive Marni bag! I rapidly ran to that direction!
Yet, I almost could not believe Marni can be there, until I saw a small Marni sign, leading to something that seems a dead end walkway.
Following it, finally, I ended up in an industrial but well organized space with Marni- lots of Marni around.
I visited the outlet outside of sales period and prices, although discounted on average 50% off original retail price, were still high for my liking (and the effort of getting to such a place).
Even more sadly, I realized that  I have seen most of those items- similarly discounted- at other Marni outlets in Outlet shopping villages.
Admittedly this place seemed to have slightly more choices, but then again, not sure if it was worth the effort of bothering to get there.
Extravagant shoes were priced at 345 EUR (that is with 50% discount), yellow clutch 220 EUR.
A lovely sales assistant explained that the best deals can be found at the very start of sales period, when items get an additional discount of around 40% and it apparently gets very crowded then.
From the selection available at the store upon my visit, what really caught my eye were some fancy coats. Their steep price stopped me from buying any though. I almost left empty handed, but simply had to justify the effort made of getting to that place.
I found something affordable- two (plastic) broches priced at 45EUR for both and purchased them. Marni is big in accessories after all, so this made certain sense. In fact, I have happily worn those broches twice until one broke. Hmm! Thinking that original retail price for them was 150 EUR- Hmm!!!…
I would not have planned to return IF- very recently- I would not have come across that Marni moved out from this weird place. Indeed, as of September 1, 2016 the new place to be for Marni lovers is Via G. Sismondi 65, 20133 Milan.
My expectation is that only address changed, though this can be quite an advantage in case at hand. I will therefore likely visit it next time in Milan and, with a little bit of luck, perhaps even during sales season.
Where: No more Via F. Tajani 1 Milan, BUT Via G. Sismondi 65, 20133 Milan, Italy.