Winning Formula for Valentino

You may think I am repeating myself- but one does not change a winning formula. That is: if in Brussels, check out DOD’s!


Sales period is extremely interesting, though even outside of sales period, if you are patient enough to browse through the labyrinths or rather countless floors of this unglamorous building hosting DOD, you are likely to find leftovers of the past collections and past sales. Most probably, on the very top floor.


It’s likely that merchandise will be scattered across the racks in an unorganized and very unglamorous manner, but if you are capable to look beyond that, you will probably go back home with some Valentino pieces as seen on the catwalk, M by Missoni and alike. Dresses, shoes, shirts, bags- they are likely to have it all or at least most of it.

DOD are particularly strong when it comes to Valentino and I never ever came across better deals than this store has to offer when it comes to this exquisite brand. Said that, apparently psychologically there indeed is a difference when you buy in a glamorous store vs DOD- somewhat even if the most gorgeous dress is hanging in a messy place in between defected garments, even a bargain savvy person like me has a hard time to look beyond that.

My advice: leave your crown back at home, dedicate an hour or two for the store, look in the different floors, don’t be afraid to try and you will likely go back home with some absolutely unbelievable Valentino pieces. You will truly appreciate it while you will see the same on the video from Valentino catwalk show or when you will faint seeing the prices at Valentino’s regular stores.

Prices to expect at DOD while on sale: less than 200 EUR for Valentino evening dress or evening shoes (may have some easy to fix defects, others more severe so watch out), less than 100 EUR for Valentino jacket, around 60 EUR for M by Missoni shirt. Printed prices indicated on these illustrative price tags are to be discounted with a handwritten percentage- to make some math:)


Where: DOD Women, Rue du Bailli 64, 1050 Brussels, Belgium.