Loewe Sin

Yes I sinned. Yet another bag that I probably do not need. But it’s classic black Loewe and I have been secretly thinking for a while to invest in yet another Loewe bag.

Loewe are some of my favourite bags as they don’t scream the luxury having no brand name printed on the bag, though they do scream high quality and class which is what I value the most. This particular model wasn’t my greatest buy though as the bag is not very practical in terms of closing it- the bottom in the middle is supposed to do the job, but it very frequently (and dangerously) opens- I am constantly terrified to lose stuff while I am using this bag. It goes without saying, be careful while making your choice: sometimes there is a reason why a certain model is discounted more than the others.

I got this beauty for around 500 EUR, discounted from about 2000EUR, at a Temporary Loewe store of La Roca Outlet Village in the surroundings of Barcelona. The Temporary Loewe store pops up about twice a year approximately around Sales period. La Roca Village also hosts a permanent Loewe store which also has some pretty good deals all year long, so must be visited if you are around.

Where: La Roca Village, s/n, 08430 Santa Agnès de Malanyanes, Barcelona, Spain