Etro street for Etro fans

Spartaco street in Milan should be renamed Etro street. It hosts many doors with Etro sign, and curiously, some door bells like this (Prada!).

IMG_2991The most impressive building in the whole street is the one with a huge Etro sign. This seems to be company’s headquarters. I have wandered around the street during Milan fashion week and it was curious to see big black Mercedes limos stopping by that building with allegedly important people getting in and out of that building.


There is more to this street and to this location though- true Etro fans should simply cross the street, the opposite side from that main building and visit Etro’s Outlet store.  The store does not seem huge even while you are inside, however, there are two floors, the ground floor you enter and the floor in minus 1 level (quite easy to miss actually, so beware).The ground floor at the entry has some accessories (bags, hairbands and similar) displayed, at the very back, they sell different materials in their famous prints (in case you’d like to make your own clothes from their top quality materials or smth) and some (quite expensive) clothing.


My favourite part is on the ground floor, in the middle between the materials’ and bags sections, next to the stairs to go downstairs. This is bizarrely not the place you would immediately pay attention to, but they put their severally discounted stuff exactly there.


What you can expect is leather belts discounted by 70 % from 230 EUR to 55 EUR, (very few) bags discounted from 925 EUR to 222 EUR, scarfs for around 60 EUR discounted from plus 200 EUR, some clothes.



While the majority of stock at the store is only discounted to about 40 % off original price, few female t-shirts could be found for around 90 EUR each upon my last visit, whereas deals were particularly good with men’s collections. Classy male shirts discounted to around 50EUR (!), colourful sweaters in the range of 80 EUR.


Downstairs, more clothing, though I have not noticed the discounts which would deserve a special mention.

Sales staff at the store are quite special and deserve a mention. They can be helpful, but have a bit of an attitude. I had a bit of an incident actually: I noticed that the same model belts in different sizes had different prices marked. Naturally, I was interested to have the lowest price so I have asked what is the price for the piece I chose, before deciding whether to buy that piece. Sales assistants practically argued amongst themselves, first I was told it was the price X, but later they concluded it is actually Y (which was lower than X)- I then decided to buy. At the till though, they charged me price X. I asked about price Y and… OMG, sales staff started to literally argue with each other for not communicating amongst themselves properly. I was caught in the middle of it and had to wait for quite some time until they sorted their stuff between themselves and reimbursed me the money they overcharged me (no excuses were provided, btw).

If you don’t mind such potential incidents, the place is certainly worth visiting for all Etro fans- you may find some good deals, and what makes it even more exciting, you will be shopping for those in THE Etro street!

Where: Etro Outlet: Via Spartaco, 3 – Milan