Discounts on Designer Clothing in Milan’s Top Shopping Area

Shopping in Milan can be extreme in terms of choices available- where if not here, will you have world’s top brands present on every corner. Prices here can be very extreme too, and not in a positive sense. It therefore is quite refreshing to know that the city has quite some outlet stores, offering 50% and if you are lucky, more interesting discounts on last season’s items all year long.

One of the big names to remember in Milan is DMagazine Outlet, located close to the most notable Milan’s shopping street, Via Montenapoleone.

IMG_3013On the positive side, it is so close to Milan’s top tourist destinations that it is really easy to visit the store without the need to detour, as it is usually the case with other outlets. The store itself is quite dark and pretty large, occupying 2 floors of a building. The brands present are pretty fabulous: think Prada, Dolce & Gabbana, Vivienne Westwood and alike.

Yes, you can find an out of the catwalk type of item, but on a less positive note, collections are really old. They seem not to sell last seasons stuff, but rather of 3-4 years old collections. The worst is that even such old collections are reduced on average by 50% only. Well that is not that cool at all! Think this Prada 2011 fall/ winter collection dress- with that price tag, I would expect a much more recent piece!






Bottom line, this may be a place worth checking out given that you will certainly be in the area if visiting Milan, but for truly good deals, go hunt elsewhere.

Address: Via Manzoni 44, 20121 Milan

P.S.: If you register via their website, you can apparently obtain 5% discount on your purchase at any of the three DMagazine stores in Milan:

Catwalk fragments: Prada Fall/ Winter 2011 Womenswear show by Prada on