Human Saviour of Milan

(Milan’s Top Outlets Series)

Being non fashionable is like going against the system in Milan. For the most, fashion is a serious matter.

IMG_2965Therefore hearing that Milan’s famous outlet store “Salvagente” actually means “Human Saviour” is only partially ironic. It can indeed save you (or rather your image) a (fashionista) reputation in Milan with a lower budget than shopping at regular stores.

The place is known and frequented by many locals- it is located in an ok neighbourhood not too far from the city center.

The store itself looks anything but glamorous. It is a sort of a cellar, which gets pretty exciting at first as one could imagine cellar location correlated with low prices.


storeNot the case really. The prices are reduced by 50% on average from the regular retail price. This is still expensive and hardly makes up for having to shop in the cellar, for Gods sake!:)

On a positive side, they do have really many top brands: Givenchy, Gucci, Dolce&Gabbana, Armani, Marni, some lesser known designers…

Clothes section is the largest and divided by brands which facilitates the search.


Accessories selection is much smaller but you may snatch YSL or so for around 700 EUR- not too bad for a leather top designer bag, although selection is quite limited.

Although shoes section is pretty big and even has a separate area dedicated to, brands-wise it is quite disappointing.


In fact, you are more likely to find something interesting from designer shoes perspective at accessories section- some Gucci for example.


All in all, selection is good, location bearable, prices could be lower…




Do I recommend going there? Yes- but be ready for disappointment if you leave empty handed- might happen!

Where: Via Fratelli Bronzetti 16, 20129 Milan


(See my ranking of this store in my earlier post “Day of Outlet Shopping in Milan”).

Milan’s Top Outlets series will be continued- visit me again!