A teaser for handbag lovers: Alberta Ferretti discounted by 80%!

I know for sure there are quite some handbag lovers among the visitors to my blog!

I am a handbag addict too! Good handbag for a woman, is like good watch for a man: it speaks for itself. Undoubtedly, following this principle one may slightly overdo and carry around those “look at me- I have money!” bags! This is not exactly my thing, as I prefer a slightly understated luxury. I followed this principle while looking for a new handbag for this season: it had to be beautiful (of course), functional (no negotiations on this point- why would you need a bag otherwise?), original but not too extravagant, excellent quality, luxury brand (one can dream, right?) and… affordable.

Whereas handbag is pretty much THE item worth an extra investment, still I am reluctant spending anything from 1000 USD or EUR and up for it. This makes my wish list vs availabilities search quite a tough call, I know.

Here is my find for this season:


An absolutely wonderful Alberta Ferretti I accidently bumped into Alberta Ferretti/ Moschino store in “The Mall” outlet in Florence surroundings, Italy. It had it all and, very importantly for me, it IS a really beautiful luxury handbag that speaks for itself but doesn’t deliver that “look at me” message! Classy!


The best part: it was original priced at about 1000 EUR BUT reduced by the sweet 80%! Do your math!:)

Address of “The Mall”: Via Europa, 8, 50066 Leccio, Reggello FI, Italy.