Watch Out Where You Shop For Bimba Y Lola!

Exposing the Uncool Pricing Policy!

Chances are you have never heard of Bimba Y Lola. Well, I have bumped into their stores in one of the malls on the famous Orchard Road in Singapore, as well as in London’s Kings Road. Vogue says they are present in over 16 countries worldwide (likely more by now). Nothing compares to the massive brand’s presence in Spain though. Naturally perhaps, given that it is a very Spanish (based) brand.

One may argue if it is a truly luxury brand, even if they get Vogue writing about them. Notwithstanding its top store locations in world’s coolest cities, more likely it is not. However, it is certainly at least a step above from the regular mainstream brands. I personally consider Bimba Y Lola as a great alternative to the fans of Marni, Vogue views it as “Carven- meets- Jonathan Saunders”. Bimba Y Lola offers similar eclectic style, but for much more wallet friendly price, certainly so if you know where to shop for it. Materials that clothes are made from are generally great too- overall a cool original brand, if you don’t take yourself too seriously and can pull off their quirky signature style.

As you may guess, the best place to shop for Bimba Y Lola is Spain: the brand offers very frequent mid- season and similar sales in regular stores. Their outlet store in Spain’s huge La Roca outlet village in Barcelona suburbs is in particular a great place to get some of Bimba Y Lola for fantastic prices- on average 70% from original price and more, though you will have to fight the crowds- literally- as the store is teeny tiny.

My favourite shopping place for Bimba Y Lola is their very efficient Internet Store though during sales period (hence twice a year). Whereas you will struggle to find your size during Sales in regular stores, you have it all what is still available in stock, online. Registration is very easy and they deliver your order nicely packaged- even better than while shopping in regular store. For the folks living in Spain, it goes even better: one can order online, the items are delivered within a day or so and return is possible either via mail or to any regular brand’s store in mainland Spain (outlets exclusive)- no questions asked. Very convenient.

If you happen to be in Spain during sales period, do have a look at their website- and especially by the end of Sales where prices are the lowest.

Sadly, I noticed that when logging in from outside of Spain or from non- Spanish computer, prices for the same items can be much, much higher. Nothing to do with shipping costs- those are added later. Pricing policy I guess… how uncool is that for the brand who I assume wants to be perceived as international, Bimba Y Lola!

Check out some of my finds this Sales season- logging in from Spanish and from UK computer the same day, August 20, 2015. These pictures speak for themselves. Prices for Spain are naturally in EUR and for UK in GBP (mind the currency conversion too!). Click on the pics to enlarge.

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If you decide to shop and can do so from Spain- hurry up as Sales in Spain end by the end of this month already.

Happy browsing!

Where: (Sales Section- “Rebajas” if browsing in Spanish).

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