Balenciaga: Chance to Grab Some of A. Wang

Balenciaga is a name which in my head is a synonym of being as chic and trendy as one can possibly imagine. Alexander Wang definitely contributed to updating the iconic brand and making it cool. It therefore came as a real bummer hearing that he is about to leave the brand! After the announcement, it practically became almost imperative for any fashionistas to hunt for some of his last collections for Balenciaga. Those chic and trendy people, or the ones desperately trying to be seen as such, can easily spend a fortune if shopping at the sleek and stylish Balenciaga boutiques across world’s most important cities.

I recommend something different though: an outlet of course and only during sales period. Italy’s “The Mall” has a relatively small Balenciaga outlet store which during sales period has a small- really small sales part where if you are lucky, really lucky, you may get something chic and trendy from Balenciaga for a very attractive price.

I paid for the t-shirt shown above around 50EUR and for this gorgeous dress around 90EUR during the last sales.



They had some rather extravagant jumpsuits for just over 100EUR if memory doesn’t fail me and some very cool looking pants for around 150 EUR. I completely fell in love with some super extravagant shoes discounted to about 150 EUR-also on sale- but sadly couldn’t fit my big feet in any of the sizes that were left. (I noticed that had some of those pieces too, but price was at least 30%higher from the quoted above).

Sales staff is not the friendliest towards the bargain hunters such as me, so I pretty much had to serve myself and didn’t get even a glimpse of smile while paying for my finds. Hmm…

All in all, not a bad place at all if you manage to get there during sales in particular.

Given that Alexander Wang’s departure from Balenciaga is just around the corner, this may be one of the last places to grab his pieces for Balenciaga at rather bargain prices!

Address of “The Mall”: Via Europa, 8, 50066 Leccio, Reggello FI, Italy.