Searching For a Perfect (Prada) Bag

Fellow Spender Cassie found her Paradise in Prada Shopping Heaven, also known as “Space” or “Spazio”, located in Tuscany Region of Italy. She made a great contribution to Spenders Paradise by sharing her experience.

I already wrote about this incredible, though quite hidden place in my earlier post and am very excited to share Cassie’s view on this. Most people travelling to Prada’s “Space” go there for bags. Cassie’s mission was no different. Here is how it went.

Thank you so much, Cassie, for sharing!



My SPACE Experience (by Cassie)

logoI’ll start off by saying it is not an easy task to find this place! GPS will take you anywhere BUT to the SPACE Outlet. I think this is done strategically on their part to make sure that only serious buyers will truly want to find their way and deter tourists just passing through Florence. However, once in Montevarchi every gas station attendant will be able to tell you how many kilometres from their station you have to go. This being said, I am perfectly ok with it being so hard to find and it is well worth it!

buildingIt was not crowded when I got there, which was around 12:30 p.m. on a Monday. In my experience, once you arrive in the SPACE area, there are so many cars it looks like there will be hundreds of people and that you will find no parking and that you will be crowded in the store. But there was plenty of parking up close (for those driving themselves) and plenty of room inside the store to look around at leisure!

My main purpose in going to the store was for a Prada bag. I did not have any expectations nor a specific bag in mind…and I highly recommend taking this approach! There are so many options for bags it is almost overwhelming! Both Prada and Miu Miu had a great selection, though Prada had significantly more to offer than Miu Miu.

bags section

At the start of the Prada section, you will find Nylon bags in all colors and sizing.

Their canvas bags are also in this section. In these fabrics, they have large totes, small totes, and satchels. The price range for these are between 350-550 Euro for the most part.

in store 2In the furthest part of the Prada bag section, you will find their leather bags. The leather bags were mostly between 650-750 Euro.

They also have a nice selection of wallets and clutches. The leather wallets that I looked at were between 250-350 Euro.

As I said, there was just so much to look at! It was hard to come to a decision because I could have looked at them all day trying to decide!
When I finally did make a decision, the bag I chose was a nice canvas Prada with leather trim. I loved the room inside the bag and the fact that the Prada seal was stamped on the front of the bag, as well as the small Prada triangle on the side. The price was 450 EUR.

I’m not sure what season all of the bags there were in, but to me Prada is Prada!


Miu Miu had just one section of bags but they were beautiful and also many different fabrics. There was also a wall on the Miu Miu side that had “special pricing”. These bags were marked down from the “SPACE” price and would be a great steal!

in the storeChecking out was also quite easy! I walked up with the bag I wanted and handed it to the clerk in that section along with my ticket. He scanned the bag code then scanned my ticket then I went to stand at the register. There were four ladies available to check out so there was not a long line. She took my ticket then went to get a new bag from the back that had been set aside for me. I was allowed to open the box and look over the bag carefully (which I recommend doing!). Also – if you are not from Italy she will give you a tax refund form!

I highly recommend SPACE for all Prada lovers – especially those buying their first bag and wanting to avoid sticker shock!


Address: 52025 Montevarchi Province of Arezzo, Italy (OR Just Ask the locals once you reach Montevarchi!).