90% OFF Sexy Catwalk Gucci!

As Gucci has recently changed its Creative Director; fans of Frida Giannini better stock up with some of her last pieces for Gucci. There is no better place to do that than Gucci Outlet in La Roca in Barcelona surroundings. I have been writing about this place a lot already, but it does not fail to surprise me. They have recently discounted the Women’s Fall/Winter 2013-14 pieces just as seen on Gucci catwalk. People praise new Gucci’s Alessandro Michele intellectual fashion, but I am going to miss the un-doubtful sex appeal of Frida’s work, perhaps best represented by this collection now hanging in Barcelona suburbs.

Here are just some of the pieces and/ or price tags I took photos of next to identical models seen on runway.

glittery catwalk

black catwalk

dress catwalk

I must admit I didn’t miss an opportunity to try these gorgeous items on myself. My takeaway: better don’t try any of that on after McDonalds Big Mac Menu (like I did! No kidding!). These dresses do feel like pieces of art or theatrical costume: definitely for a VERY special occasion. They don’t feel super comfy, but kind of sculpture your body in a straight shape (but mind as all those Big Mac caused extra grams do show): all in all, very extravagant, and sexy, of course, it’s (still) Frida Giannini’s Gucci!


Said all that, my favourite part is the price of course. I am not saying these creatures will cost you high street prices, but have a look yourself: around 90% discount on catwalk pieces is indeed a fabulous deal! 315 EUR from 2.800 EUR; 236,50 EUR from 2.100 EUR; or 225 EUR from 2000 EUR are good enough for me!

dressdress backblack dressglittery dressglittery back

These deals are pretty much as good as it gets- there are some other gorgeous pieces, namely from Women’s Spring/Summer 2014 collection which are also with great though smaller discounts. Have a look at this fabulous piece: it comes in this colour as well as in green. Green has been worn by Charlotte Casiraghi and hence will cost you double this price even in outlet.

charlotte price2

All in all, a fab place to touch real luxury and even own it, if you are lucky to find a size for you as well as an occasion to wear it (I am still struggling on the latter:)

Address: Gucci at La Roca Village, Barcelona surroundings, Spain.

Catwalk fragments: Gucci Women’s Fall/Winter 2013-14 Runway Show, by Gucci on youtube.com.