Catwalk Armani Is Affordable! And Never Goes Out of Style!

Giorgio Armani is classic. Every time I see his fashion show, I cannot tell the year or the season, – the pieces are timeless! In my humble opinion, Giorgio Armani is one of those designers whose clothes never go out of style, so you don’t have to be a fashion victim hunting for the very latest collection of his, but can safely buy a much more affordable item from some of the past collections and be absolutely safe that it won’t look ridiculous anytime soon. I have spot these beauties in Armani Outlet in Barcelona La Roca Village straight from Giorgio Armani Spring Summer 2014 catwalk. And yes, to my great joy and surprise, this outlet does have the best of Armani, i.e. Giorgio Armani– the best and most exclusive of the Armani brands. OK, we are one year later now, but seriously, that jacket will serve you ages looking absolutely gorgeous and who can beat a price of 178,50 EUR it was sold for: mind, originally priced at 1415 EUR, with outlet discount outside of sales season priced at 595 EUR and then during sales discounted at 70% off that outlet price (see the green sticker- that’s what it represents! Price tags shown in the pics display pre-70% discount prices!). jacket

price jacket

They had this piece in various sizes and you can even match it with these shorts just as seen on the catwalk. These also, discounted to 90,30 EUR from the original retail price of 715 EUR. shorts

shorts price

Aside of these beauties, Armani Outlet at La Roca Village has more than Giorgio Armani (which is also the most pricey of Armani brands). Emporio Armani collection is also pretty cool- see this classy dress for example. Sold during sales for 102,90 EUR (I swear, I am a proud owner of one!), a piece sold at original retail price of 590 EUR. emporio dress front emporio dress back dress price Aside of these top notch brands, most of people shop for the way cheaper Armani brand- Armani Jeans there which makes the store quite crowded and not exactly a luxury shopping experience. 50-70% discount from outlet price applies to most of their items during sales period too, which means you can get jeans or t-shirt for around 30 EUR- who cares about shopping experience at those prices, eh:) Said that, sales assistants are quite ok and will help you out if needed- they are busy but are trying to do their best. Overall- recommendable store throughout the year and an absolute must during Sales period. Address: La Roca Village, Barcelona surroundings, Spain.


Catwalk fragments from Giorgio Armani – 2014 Spring Summer – Womenswear Collection of by Armani.