Cute Loewe bag! My Best Bargain (or more appropriately, My Favorite Find) in the month of July!

July IS THE Sales month so you would be very right to expect from me some crazy bargains!

Actually, I have been extremely busy lately- not posting, but shopping! Dah!..

Anyway, rushing to share with you my beautiful buy I made this month.

It is by no means a bargain generally speaking, rather an investment, as it is a bag. Designer bags by definition ARE expensive so it goes without saying that making a good deal there can save you a lot of money and the nice thing that it will last you for quite a while. This season I invested in this cute Loewe bag.

Loewe 1

Sure, it’s not the latest collection but actually a model that I fancy a great deal (Loewe Cruz, to be precise). Also, it is extremely practical as it goes with anything: jeans, cocktail dresses, you name it!

The original price was in the range of 1500- 1700 EUR or so. I got it for 480 EUR. You could choose from several colors there (brown, blue and black). Also, they have some other models, also significantly reduced compared to the original price.

Address: Loewe at La Roca Village in Barcelona surroundings.

loewe bag