Fab Internet Sales at Yoox.com

Hi Spenders!

Sales period is this great time of the year where fantastic bargains seem to be everywhere and temptation to buy is enormous!

These days you don’t even have to go out of the house looking for bargains. I am referring to Internet shopping of course. I spoke about Yoox.com in one of my earlier posts and it is now that it makes most sense to visit it.

Yoox.com has announced up to 70% percent sales on some items very recently and it is pretty cool to browse through their list of 1285 items looking for the best bargains.

I must admit I didn’t manage to go through them all, but here are some of my finds (availability is very limited so they may get sold out as you are reading this). Click on each pic to zoom on prices:

MargielalanvinFerrettiFerretti skirtEtrodriesdolceclass cavallichloecelinecavalliYSLVR2VR blousevalentinostella pinkstella colourfulmore dolcemissoniMarni

Mind that prices do differ depending on where you log in from. It’s really not cool at all (if anyone from Yoox is reading this- please take a note!). I browsed the Spanish site to show prices in EUR.

Happy browsing and bargains hunting!