Show off by Gucci “The Mall”

OK, I get it: Gucci IS a big name. Still is, despite of all the turmoil within organization, the brand stands strong.

So strong, some of its stores may use it to show off and it feels that’s what it is doing. I am talking Gucci at “The Mall” at least.

OK, the store from outside looks quite impressive, screaming from far how important the brand is, if you lived on the Moon and didn’t come across it yet. They have a decent coffee place in the building, which seems to be closed in winter/ early spring, but aims to be a fancy spot in the rest of the year.

All that aside, I have been immediately put off just by looking at the store, at the queue to enter there! Even at the low season, there is a line! Oh come on Gucci- it’s not always needed to make people line up! Looks like a bit of a show-off! I try to stick to my principle and not to queue to enter a store, so I went to Gucci close to the closing hours at The Mall. No lines any longer and not that many people.

I was expecting to be very impressed, to say the least (people HAVE been queuing all day long- there MUST be smth special to it!). The result: it is ok… but well… not THAT special. You have some clothes (priced at 300 EUR on average a piece, sometimes a bit less), some shoes, some accessories. Definitely prices are quite interesting compared to regular Gucci stores but given all that hassle… I haven’t come across that many really good deals. All in all: not too impressed. There is another Gucci outlet store in Europe- close to Barcelona at La Rocca Outlet Village which offers very similar selections, zero queues to enter and seemingly better prices (check out my Archives for post about it)! I do shop a lot there, and left empty handed from “The Mall’s” Gucci.

Do visit it if you are at The Mall- you cannot miss it being one of the landmarks there. But don’t expect too much- queuing may be misleading. There are better deals to be made at The Mall than at Gucci.

Address of “The Mall”: Via Europa, 8, 50066 Leccio, Reggello FI, Italy.