Finding the real Cheap of the Chic Moschino

I always found Moschino’s slogan “Cheap and Chic” quite ironic. Not sure if these are the right words to be used for a dress or sweater priced at few hundred Euros. Moschino’s young and quirky style has been fascinating me for a while but I have often been put off by the prices not that cheap for the young and quirky audience.

I got a few cool Moschino pieces at New York’s famous Century 21 during sales where I paid 30 USD for a white shirt and the same amount for a light cool skirt. However, these were quite exceptional finds.

Unexpectedly, I bumped into a much more interesting place to shop for some of Moschino’s chic at really cheap prices, in Italy, at Tuscany’s “The Mall” and at the very end of sales period! The store is probably least impressive from all the ones present at “The Mall” but the prices certainly make up for it!  Dresses in the range of 30 EUR! Can you believe it? They have a reasonable selection of sizes but one has to be lucky (of course). These are my finds and all in the range of the super cool 30 EUR!

eveningevening back


Now that IS Cheap! And Chic!

They also had a bag for slightly more than 100EUR, but that wasn’t my taste really. Sweaters and blouses were more expensive- in the range of 100EUR so I gave it a pass.

Definitely a MUST during sales period!

Note that the same store hosts also quite nice Alberta Ferretti pieces- more about it in the future.

Address of “The Mall”: Via Europa, 8, 50066 Leccio, Reggello FI, Italy.