Tod’s for Comfy Posh Summer!

Whether you are in Provence, Cote d’Azur, Sardinia or any other posh summer holiday location, you have definitely noticed some classy people slipped into some very classic (and comfy!) moccasins. Very evidently, copy cats have noticed it too, as pretty much any mainstream brand which considers itself fashionable usually add on very similar style moccasins in their collections.

It goes without saying, that none of those copy cats can actually match the original- the famous classic Tod’s.

You can certainly head to Tod’s brand’s store during Sales for a colorful display of these classic pieces and expect to have around 30% discount.

If you are around in Italy’s “The Mall” though, you may get even luckier and have such classic comfy piece for slightly below 150 EUR! Not too bad! Here is my latest buy with some special (print) twist:


The downside at The Mall’s Tod’s is that you are likely to be surrounded by many, really many people searching for similar bargains in quite small space. In fact, this is one of the busiest stores in “The Mall” which says a lot.  Sales stuff, perhaps overwhelmed and tired by it all, clearly demonstrates its total lack of enthusiasm so don’t expect a lovely shopping experience. If you don’t mind it though, pick your moccasins, check out cheaper group’s brand’s Hogan section (I’ll write about it separately in the future) and go to male shoes section- you can find some good male leather boots for below 100 EUR!

Good no thrills spot for some classic pieces and in this season- for a posh comfy summer!

Address of “The Mall”: Via Europa, 8, 50066 Leccio, Reggello FI, Italy.