My Best Bargain In The Month Of June: MARC BY MARC JACOBS FOR 14.92 USD!

Ever wondered how much a lovely silk skirt of Marc by Marc Jacobs may cost?

Answer: 298 USD on average if you buy it at regular brand’s store.

If you are a luxury hunter who got to Spenders Paradise, you may get the same for as little as 14.92 USD, or rather, heavily discounted from 298 USD to 19.90 USD and another 25% from the latter.


14.92 USD: this is exactly what I have paid for this cool piece after having patiently gone through tons of stuff at California’s Nordstrom Rack store, at Westgate Mall (1600 Saratoga Avenue, San Jose, California 95129) this June.


There are many good deals if you are patient enough to look for them, but admittedly you cannot get much better than this one. Even the sales staff congratulated me with the find at the till 🙂

Nordstrom Rack store- you deserve the June Best Bargain title! Congratulations! I’ll write about you in the near future more!