Luxury Bargains’ Hunt in New York (Final Part)

Part 4 (Parts 3, 2, 1 follow) New C21 Manhattan store Perhaps the latest addition to C21 family is another store in Manhattan, close to Lincoln Center, at 1972 Broadway, New York, NY 10023.

fasade final

Less messy and crowded than in downtown Manhattan, but much smaller. The selection is similar to the latter, but there are less choices. Said that, for luxury clothes, it is pretty good, so if you have time, go visit both during sales period (If you have to choose, pick C21 of downtown though).

lincoln burberry2

Outside of sales period, the deals aren’t that great- roughly 50-65% of original price, I get it, but we are hunting truly big deals here! See a typical sample outside of sales period.

acne price2

This C21 store also has some luxury bags, but way too expensive for an outlet, i.e. all in the range of 1200 USD and more. They primarily had Fendi and Chloé last time I visited.


bags1 Said that, shop for truly luxury bags in European outlets instead, if you can. Cheaper and/or more choices. Some Final Remarks on the Legendary Discount Store By now you may have made your mind on the US C21 super store(s). Whereas there are quite a few of C21 stores located primarily on US East Coast, the greatest remains in NYC downtown, 22 Cortlandt Street, New York, NY 10007 (my previous 3 posts are all about it). Entire 6 floors (Level 3 is my favourite).

floors downtown

If you are planning to return to C21, it is worthwhile to subscribe to their fidelity card program and present the card every time you buy there. This will earn you points and the more you buy, your card can be upgraded in status. Starting from gold you get some privileges, such as being able to skip the queue for example (really relevant in the crowded downtown Manhattan store). Also, they sometimes email you small vouchers (10USD or so) for you next shopping, so this may be quite interesting and doesn’t cost a thing. Finally, I recently came across that C21 really improved their webpage and now provides for shopping online with international shipping possibilities. The online selection is not superb and is way less interesting in terms of brands, choices and prices than the “real” physical store, however occasionally you may find some good stuff there too, so it’s worth checking it from time to time. I would be happy to hear your impressions if you have a chance to visit this legendary place! Meanwhile, happy luxury bargains’ hunt! shopping bags