Luxury Hunt in New York New York!

This time, I am inviting you to explore some of the New York City and one very famous shopping place in particular. One post is not enough to describe THE establishment in THE City for those who like shopping savings, so I will be posting a few in the near future.

C21 2

Treasures of the New York City

Part 1

Like it or not, but alongside with visiting heartbreaking Ground zero, powerful Wall Street and impressive Statue of Liberty, New York, Manhattan downtown, has one more unmissable stop. It is of course the legendary Century 21 super store, so famous even Sex and the City has a special scene when Carrie goes on luxury hunt at the store while serving jury duty.

Located right in front of Ground Zero and occupying around 6 floors (yes, there are many, I always get confused!) it is a major attraction for both locals as well as tourists coming from all over the world.

C213 gera

The store underwent a renovation in the last years and now looks like a typical huge US department store selling everything from cosmetics, housewares, to women, male, children clothing for all sizes and budgets.

Visitors from non- US usually go nuts already at the ground floor, seeing items of typically US brands at ridiculous prices compared to their country of origin. Think Tommy Hilfiger watch for 60 USD, wallet for 20 USD, or Calvin Klein shirt for 20 USD to name a few.

Indeed, it is a great place for men in particular to stock up on their shirts, ties and similar (Calvin Klein, Michael Kors, DKNY are the most widely represented brands)- the prices are simply unbeatable and these are some classic pieces that will last a while.


Personally I don’t consider Tommy Hilfiger or Ralph Lauren gadgets (key rings, wallets and similar) as very high end pieces, but it may make a nice souvenir for your friend, and, once again, at fantastic price compared to the rest of the world.

Bottom line, it’s well known that US brands selling basics are way cheaper in the US than elsewhere and C21 even within US offers some of the best selection and deals.

My favorite section is located at the third floor though. Part of it is dedicated to designer clothing and the world’s top brands: everything from Burberry, to Lanvin, Pucci, Armani, etc…

I’ll write about it in my next post. Please come back soon:)