Battling crowds at Prada- “The Mall” neighbour

Prada is one of those brands that requires taking an extra mile or two to find some good prices.

Impressive Prada store located in Tuscany, right next to Italy’s “The Mall” is worth that extra mile. Said that, you won’t be the only one who got there looking for some bargains. You will be many, really many, and will most likely need to literally battle the crowds once you are inside! Unfortunately, the items selection isn’t endless, meaning that you will face a fierce competition and will most likely get challenges in finding the right size for you.

It’s kind of a mess on the ground floor of the store (bags and shoes), not to mention the horrendously long queue at the till. It is more quiet on the first floor though (clothing).

Collections and prices are practically the same (or almost) as in the famous ”Spazio” or “Space” of Prada located not too far away (like 30 mins) drive by car from “The Mall”.  Yes, you can get some pretty cool Prada shoes for “special price” of 100 EUR or a nice leather bag for around 700EUR.

Prada at “The Mall” is much easier to get to even if you don’t have a car as there are multiple (often crowded but cheap) shuttles departing Florence, direction “The Mall”. On a negative side, as it is much easier to get to, the crowds are likely to snatch anything interesting (or your size) before you even step in the store. If you are keen to avoid that to the extent possible, get there early. Naturally, the queues are shorter in tourism low season and weekdays.

My verdict: if you have only a day to shop in Tuscany, don’t mind (much) queuing and are interested in more luxury brands than Prada, take a shuttle to the “The Mall” as you will find them all in one place.  This is the easiest and cheapest way to go for some luxury hunt in the region.

If Prada is your absolute favourite and you want to increase your chances in finding something suitable in your size for good price, spend on renting the car (this is quite pricey in Italy:( and drive to Prada “Space” (“Spazio”). You’ll be then able to drive to “The Mall” too from “Spazio”.  If you are on budget but want to visit “Spazio”, you can also take a train. See my earlier post about “Spazio”.

Oh I wish my beloved Italians would sort out some reasonable way of public transport between the two!

Address of “The Mall”: Via Europa, 8, 50066 Leccio, Reggello FI, Italy. It seems Prada is formally considered not part of The Mall, but it’s literally next-door.

(I’ll write more about “The Mall” in the future- stay tuned!)