My Best Bargain in the month of May: Gucci for 40 EUR!!!

If you are browsing through this website, chances are you not only love shopping, but most importantly care about finding good (luxury!) stuff at truly good prices. There is nothing worse than fake bargains though and unfortunately most are exactly this: promising great deals but still completely unaffordable!

In the name of our mission of exposing world’s greatest bargains and shaming the fake ones, here I am introducing the Best Month’s Bargain section to congratulate the place living up to Spenders Paradise high expectations of offering good quality pieces for good prices in that particular month.

You can submit your nominees by simple comment on this blog or emailing me.

May’s winner has been consistently great throughout May and the start of June, and I have some great expectations for July given the starting sales period.

And so…the winner for May 2015 is:

Gucci store at La Roca Village, 124- 126, 08430 La Roca Del Vallés (Barcelona area), Spain.

I already wrote about the great finds this store offers, renewing the stuff quite frequently (so you have to be lucky too) and without crowds that are so disturbing in Gucci outlets in the rest of the world. Browse through as much stuff as you can as those deals are hidden!

My latest find reconfirms this store is worth winning for the month of May- beginning of June (and it’s not even sales period!): Gucci blouse I purchased for 40 EUR (original price approx. 350EUR)!

blouse closegucci blouse ok


Congratulations, Gucci at La Roca, keep up the good work!

gucci logo blouse

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