Prada Heaven in the middle of nowhere

Devil may be wearing Prada from luxury goods’ street in any metropolis, but the cost savvy mortals should definitely shop at Prada’s Heaven, also known as “Spazio” or “Space”. That Space is literally in the middle of nowhere in Tuscany region of Italy– really difficult to get to without a car and is practically a day trip on its own. It is really a challenge to find it even with GPS (I asked locals and they brought me to the door- everyone knows of the place in that town and seem to be proud sharing the location:)) Otherwise, get a train to Montevarchi and a taxi from there. Terribly unpractical logistics aside, it’s worth the hassle of reaching it! The place from outside seems an unimpressive grey massive concrete building. That things are veerryy different inside, you will understand already at the entrance door, being greeted by a very posh and snobbish looking doorman! Hmm… He hands you a ticket which you will need to use with each purchase. That part is a bit of a mess there- every Prada department inside the store has its own till where you will have to pay for the respective goods (so quite some queuing if you will buy different stuff) and in each you will be asked for that ticket. Aside from that, the place is gorgeous inside! A proper Prada store! It’s not in fact that massive as it seems from outside, but you have a decent male section (shoes and clothes), bags, shoes, sunglasses, female clothes section. Brands present: Prada (of course) and Miu Miu. Most of the stuff is still quite pricey so you may get quite disappointed at first, but don’t be afraid to search well for hidden bargains as there definitely are quite some there!

price tag Prada

Bags section is definitely interesting and is actually why most people are coming there for. This early spring leather bag would have set you off at round 700 EUR here, Miu Miu in the range of 300 EUR. My personal favourites are special price shoes section and special price clothes sections! Miu Miu shoes for 75 EUR or Prada, as my purchases below for 100 EUR each, how about that?

100 EUR

100EUR100 EUR

Clothes- even bigger deals! Classic pants for 50 EUR (both men and women have a number of similarly priced choices), classic shirt for 50 EUR (might be difficult to find your size though), skirt for 50 EUR or absolutely beautiful evening shirt/blouse for 80 EUR, trendy silk pants around 100 EUR, t-shirt 75 EUR… mmm… Paradise!

80 EUR



Now, beware that you won’t get all you want in the sizes you want. Make friends with the sales assistants: they will then alert you if they have anything interestingly priced at your size! A separate word on the sales assistants: they look like from Prada manual (I am sure such thing exists in that parallel luxury universe!;) and might be a little intimidating. They surely don’t bite though and in fact are very professional and helpful. In a typical Italian sales staff fashion they will even try to match whatever you are trying on with something that suits that. If you make them understand your budget, they will even try to do so at that price scale! Definitely world’s best place to shop for Prada!

Space logo2 good

Compared to Prada store at ”The Mall” relatively nearby, this one offers more choices, sizes and less crowds, but much more difficult to get to. Address: 52025 Montevarchi Province of Arezzo, Italy (OR Just Ask the locals once you reach Montevarchi!).