Reporting from amazing Natan private spring summer 2015 sales!

Writing about Natan’s incredible private sales they have twice a year in my earlier post, I promised to report from their spring/summer 2015 sale in Brussels, Belgium.

So here I am: impressed as always with this event!

It may be a tough call to find the location for the first-timers, but once you know it, it’s quite easy actually. Look for Natan’s offices, don’t be afraid to enter, and voila!

Here are some visuals for easy reference:

natan building2

building other side entry1

I explicitly asked if I need to show my invitation, and I was told not to- yep, the sole fact I managed to find the place at the right time speaks for itself.

There are pretty much two warehouse-style places where the clothes are hanged and one needs to change behind the curtain along with any other buyers trying their stuff- the atmosphere is very friendly though, so don’t be shy!

warehouse type

The items selection this year is pretty much as every season: you have a bit of everything, starting with jeans, skirts, some coats, dresses, blouses, sweaters, accessories (small evening bags, scarfs, socks, bracelets, necklaces, gloves…).

buybuy price

Price list is hanging on the wall instead of each individual item (don’t get scared: the one on price tag attached on the item is the pre-sales price).

Instead, your purchases would cost you as follows in Euros:

price list

Coats 250, jackets 200, pants 120, long skirts 150, skirts 120, dresses 150, cardigans 80, simple blouses 40, blouses from thicker material 80, shirts 80, sweaters 80, t-shirts 30, jeans 50, belts 40, shoes 70, boots 100.

Not extra cheap overall, but if you consider you are buying Natan and some of the items are discounted at 70% or even 90%, this becomes really interesting.

Have a look at this dress: originally priced at about 2000EUR and now 150 EUR! It’s so similar to me to something Queen Maxima of the Netherlands wore; I am even in doubt if it’s not the same outfit.

dress with price

I’ll try to be back during the next sales for sure and based on my prior experience, expect this to happen around November. The savings I am making are worth my plane ticket!

natan bag

For details on the practicalities regarding Natan private sales, please refer to my earlier post.

Note however that (quite annoyingly) the place only accepts Belgian Bancontact cards (i.e. Belgian Maestro), – otherwise bring cash!