World’s best place to shop drop-dead gorgeous Valentino evening wear!

Look no further if you need an absolutely magnificent evening wear. Unbelievable, but true; Brussels Dod Dames store at Rue du Bailli 64, 1050 Brussels, Belgium (see my earliest post for more details regarding the store itself) every season has a remarkable selection of Valentino at incredible prices!

At the time of writing this post, Valentino stuff occupied half of the first floor and had clothes, shoes, some bags- you name it. It’s not for free but shoes for round 200 EUR, evening bag for round 400EUR or a small “special price” section where you can get a Valentino blouse for less than 100 EUR or Valentino’s cheaper brand, “Red Valentino” dress for 70 EUR, are some great deals!

The best part of it is dresses’ section though: in fact, in my humble opinion, this is truly the best place I have EVER seen to get a gorgeous, Valentino evening gowns (some seem to be just as seen on catwalk) for some very reasonable money.  In fact, absolutely wonderful, long and glamorous Valentino evening dress costs round 450 EUR. A dress with some very special (and complicated) applications on: round 550EUR. An absolutely fantastic embroidered silk jumpsuit costs 400EUR!

There is more, brace yourselves: in fact, I’ve seen some brides-to-be trying out Valentino wedding dresses too! The choice is quite limited for those, but if you are lucky, you can expect to find one for as little as 400 EUR! For Valentino! No kidding!

Dresses are packed very properly to make sure they aren’t damaged, so other than lack of obvious glamour while trying such fantastic pieces of art in an outlet store, there is no other downside in purchasing your fabulous evening outfit here. Well, obviously, although some pieces come in various sizes, the choice may be rather limited, though for this price, there is not much a good tailor wouldn’t manage-and it’s usually needed for evening dresses anyway!

Those dresses are so gorgeous I would buy all of them if I’d have enough occasions to wear them! Luckily, there are quite some Valentino cocktail dresses too (I can think of more occasions for those). Here is just one sample I dared trying in classic Valentino red:

dress good

Valentino price

These are priced from 249 to 349 EUR on average. You can also get a great matching evening coat for about the same price. Simply fabulous!

See my post regarding DOD Dames store for details on getting minimum 10% off the above listed prices.